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Where little ones embark on a journey of growth and discovery through movement and play. These classes take place in a nurturing environment for children aged 18 months - 3.5 years, focusing on developing fundamental motor skills, coordination, and spatial awareness. Each class incorporates age-appropriate gymnastics activities, creative play, and interactive games designed to enhance physical abilities and foster social interaction. Our goal is to instill a love for movement in your child while building a strong foundation for future athletic pursuits. Join us for a delightful blend of fun and skill development that will leave your little gymnast excited to come back each week!

Cost: £27.5 Monthly      Ages: 18m - 4 years old


Tuesday & Thursday

09:30 - 18m to 3.5 Years (with parent)

10:15 - 18m to 3.5 Years (with parent)

11:00 - 3.5 to 4 Years (without parent)

Recreational Classes



In these sessions you’ll learn the core moves in gymnastics, and start having fun straight away. Then, as you begin to develop your strength and skill and your confidence grows, you can start practicing more difficult skills. Work your way up our awards scheme and earn your badges. With expert supervision and an encouraging environment, it’s a great way to have fun and lay the foundations of a healthy, active lifestyle. 

Cost: £38 Monthly      Ages: 4 -13 years old


Monday - Friday

16:30 - 4 to 5 Years 

17:30 - 6 to 7 Years

18:30 - 7 to 8 Years

19:30 - 9+ Years


09:00 - 4 to 5 Years 

10:00 - 6 to 7 Years

11:00 - 7 to 8 Years

12:00 - 9+ Years

Acrobatic Gymnastics



Made famous by Spelbound and Cirque du Soleil, acrobatic gymnastics is the sport for people who love performing and teamwork. 

In this session, you’ll get to grips with the basics – the somersaults, twists and turns. Then, as your strength and technique develop, you’ll become part of a team, pair, trio or men’s 4 and you may be able to enjoy creating show-stopping routines you can perform together.

Please note our Development and Competition groups are by invitation only.




If you love expressing yourself to music, there’s no better sport than rhythmic gymnastics. You don’t need any experience to get started, but a love of dance and creativity goes a long way!

These sessions are designed to help you learn how to move gracefully and involve apparatus like the hoop, ribbon and the ball. As your skills improve, you’ll start putting more complex moves together into mesmerising floor routines.

Please note our Development and Competition groups are by invitation only.

Rhythmic Gymnastics
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