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✨~ GYM STARS ~ ✨

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

WOW! What an awesome experience this has been!

We are so proud of our gymnasts stunning appearance on CBBC’s ‘Gym Stars’! 🤸‍♀️

If you’ve not watched it before ‘Gym Stars’ is a factual children’s TV series that goes behind the scenes and follows some of the country’s most promising gymnasts. Evoke was chosen as one of the clubs to feature in series 5 which is available to watch RIGHT NOW on BBC iPlayer! 🎥🤩

On the lead up to last year's British Championships camera crews followed the journey of some of Evoke's top Acro gymnasts; Womans Pair - Lydia & Jess and Mixed Pair - Kailen & Ruby. 👇👇

It was only a few years ago that they themselves went to meet the 'Gym Stars' from an earlier series, they were so inspired and in complete awe of their idols! Now it’s wonderful to see that through all their hard work and dedication Lydia, Jess, Kailen & Ruby are proving they are worthy 'Gym Stars' themselves. 💪☺️

'Gym Stars' has always been a favourite program of ours and now in series 5 not only do you get a rare glimpse of many gymnasts lives behind the scenes, you also get to see the journey of our very own Evoke Acro gymnasts, along with coach Nikita, navigating their way to a successful National Championships! 🏆🇬🇧

With such a positive attitude, commitment and passion for their sport we know these 'Gym Stars' will be an inspiration to many more to come! 🫶

You can catch Lydia, Jess, Kailen, Ruby & coach Nikita in series 5, episode 14 onwards! 📺🤸‍♀️

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